Landscape Legend


(Alt Tag) (#)

Deciduous Trees   5


(Alt Tag) (#)

Flowering Trees 10

The number will be the addition of all the images placed on grid. If an image has the group box checked, then we use that number instead of 1 for that image. So if there are 5 deciduous trees and none have the group box checked, then the number is 5. If one image has the group box checked and has a 3 in it, then the total is 7. The box with 3 plus 4 additional images with group box not checked.

Image should be treated differently based on it’s alt tag. If a user puts 7 deciduous trees on grid and names 2 Oaks, 2 maples and 3 ash and adds one daylily image and checks group and inputs 10, the legend should look like below.

Icons need to be 32px/32px

Oak      2

Maple    2

Ash    3

Daylily    10