Your Photo

Begin by using a photograph of your landscape project as a starting point, and imagine the finished design before embarking on the actual work.

Create The Design

Easily create stunning landscape designs with our online tool. Select from a vast collection of over 2,000 premium plant images, visualize and arrange outdoor spaces effortlessly, and conveniently share your plans with clients and contractors.

Preview & Customizing

Your project will be saved for future adjustments or changes. Show it to your family and friends to receive feedback on your design.


We provide a comprehensive list of all plants and structures included in your design for printing purposes. We keep track of your totals and costs to assist in budgeting your project.


Our app offers a vast selection of over 2,000 images to enrich your design, granting you limitless possibilities.

Plant Details

Our app offers convenient and instant access to cultural information about all the plants in our image database.

Moreover, users can also utilize a comprehensive plant database for further information and resources.


Complete Garden Planner

With our garden planner, you can easily organize and manage all your landscaping requirements. Whether it’s categorizing, setting tasks, selecting dates, or prioritizing, our planner has got you covered. All your information can be saved, allowing for effortless updates whenever necessary.

Shapes and Polygons

Utilize polygonal models to create distinctive designs for objects, such as garden beds, lawns and patios. Polygons, serve as the fundamental component of our app for selecting and manipulating points into unique shapes.

Polygons are utilized to fabricate distinct three-dimensional polygonal models that enhance your designs.

Image Perspective Tool

Image perspective refers to the way you choose to frame your image, providing your audience with a new and distinctive viewpoint. In composition, viewpoint refers to the specific position from which you take a background photograph, and then adjusting the landscape images to fit into that background.

This technique enables you to add depth and dimension to two-dimensional photographs by manipulating the spatial relationships between objects within the frame.


Our range of landscaping calculators and tools are designed to assist you in estimating the amount of material required for a wide variety of landscaping projects. These include paver patios, retaining walls, plants, flowers, mulch, soil, cubic yardage, and square footage.

We provide detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to determine the precise quantity of landscape material needed for your specific project. Additionally, some of our calculators can also provide estimates of material costs, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the overall project expenses.

Image Control

All images can be adjusted larger, smaller, stretched, and proportionally. And with a simple click…..bring the m back to their original size!


Utilize our text editor to apply text to any desired location within your design. Edit text size, formatting, and colors effortlessly.

Design Notes

Add notes to any plant or object you place on the canvas. These notes are saved under the plant details for later edit or review.

Zoom In & Out

Our app provides the option to zoom in on a particular section of the canvas, allowing users to work with greater precision. The image quality remains preserved even when viewing the canvas at a closer look.

Plant in Groups

Specify how many plants are in a group using only one image.

Set Costs of Plants

Price plants to keep an accurate budget.