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A garden is never a finished project but rather it is a creation that will grow and change from each season and each year. Experienced gardeners know this reality and actually have even come to enjoy the changing nature of their landscapes. If a plant outgrows its previous home, or performs less than adequately, they enjoy selecting its replacement. With the changing seasons, those who enjoy seeing different plants grow and flower also enjoy meeting the challenges of gardening. Gardeners will always tinker, always improve, always dream about what they in-vision for their landscape. Once one project on their property is completed, they move onto another area while constantly fine tuning previously completed projects. In addition to our Landscape Design Tool, this website is also filled with knowledge, ideas and inspiration for the home gardener. You’ll find solutions for shady areas, container garden tips, meadow garden inspiration and much more.

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Making the decision to enhance your backyard for wildlife is one of the largest contributions most people can personally do to help wildlife. It is possible to transform your existing yard into a beneficial site for attracting local wildlife and an excellent location for you and your family to enjoy some outdoor activities. The key to a successful back yard landscaping project is producing a plan which can be referenced at any time.

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The Natural Gardens Spring!

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What is a natural habitat? And what is a habitat naturalist? Ask several different people and you may receive different answers, however, once you become more familiar with how nature works, how we as humans affect habitat and how you can better the local habitat, you will soon develop a definition that will best describe your goals. Most habitat in this country is lost to residential development. In addition to the loss of habitat, our residential habits have caused more destruction to nature than most people realize. Many people take up causes to save land from development but do little to create and protect habitat in their own backyard. We need to concentrate more on our own backyards first. Take a close look at how you live, your landscape, your neighborhood. It might become too clear that you have fallen into the trap that so many people have fallen into. Your lifestyle, your property and your neighborhood are the same as everyone around you. Biodiversity is very important to creating and protecting nature. If you and eventually a few neighbors create a diverse landscape, it will improve the habitat in your area and start to attract a wide range of wildlife.

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